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Birthdate:Jul 3

NAMI - ナミ 

Pirate Profile
Crew: Arlong Pirates
Epithet: Nami
Age: 18
Birthday: July 3
Position: Navigator; Cartographer
Appearance: 5'6 1/2'' Short orange hair, brown eyes, and a swordfish tattoo on her left shoulder.
Bounty: none
The Pirate Thief
Fighting: The hell with that. Run.
Weapon: Staff
Goal: Draw a map of the world that she's seen with her own eyes. Get rich. Be free.
The Woman
Dream: Draw a map of the world.
Fears: Too many to count.
Likes: Maps, money, and mikan. ...freedom.
Dislikes: Pirates. Being coerced. Dangerous situations. People touching her things.
Strengths: Loyal. Protective. Highly intuitive weather sense. Sly. Monstrous alcohol tolerance (better than Zoro's).
Weaknesses: Greedy. Not particularly brave. Bossy and violent, prone to stabbing you in the back. Proud.

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